Hi and welcome to the website of Richard Christie,guitarist,teacher,composer.

On my site you can find music that I have composed for guitarists who would like to play classical guitar.

You will also find videos of pieces from my books performed by students and professional guitarist Kristian Nohr. 

12 short pieces for classical guitar,and,Six fun pieces are available from me.

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12 short progressive pieces for classical guitar,comes with a C.D. with all pieces being played by Sean Shibe.

I have written some notes for the pieces as a guide that will help you to play them.

The book will take you from beginner level to a grade 5 A.B.R.S.M. level,and with the help of a good teacher,and lots of effort from the student,the book can be completed in 1 year. 


Six fun pieces has a D.V.D. with all six pieces,performed by Danish virtuoso guitarist,Kristian Nohr.Not all the pieces are extremely difficult,apart from a tremolo study piece,with all the treble being played on the first string.(That's only if you treat it as a study).

Three pieces from 12 short progressive pieces have been published in well known guitar magazines.Pieces #2,and #3,are in Soundboard magazine,Vol. XXXV #4. Website, .

One piece,#7 in D minor, has been published in Classical Guitar magazine,edition, August 2009. Check the website of this great magazine,

Please visit Kristians website,

Have a look on the website of Stefan Joubert,

Stefan also has a site for Adult Learners which is top notch,